Costa Rica Volcanoes & Surf – G Adventures Trip Review

Just came back from my 9 day G Adventure tour throughout Costa Rica! This was my 3rd G trip (Previously: Everest Base Camp Trek & Northern India Trip), and I absolutely loved it.  This post is designed to summarize the experience, and hopefully give you some insight as to whether or not it’s up your alley.


This trip is EXTREMELY customizable (and that’s a good thing).  There are group activities throughout the trip, but often times the group split up into smaller groups to do different activities that appealed to everyone individually.  I happened to choose adrenaline, adrenaline, adrenaline!  But others on the tour took kayaking trips, went horseback riding, and even visited a coffee plantation.

So in other words, this trip is kind of like those “Choose your own adventure” books, and this just happens to be the path I chose :)

Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall Rappelling in Costa Rica
This was a sick way to start out the trip. I believe we did this on day two in La Fortuna. The drove us out in the back of a pickup truck like we were about to be on Survivor, threw some harnesses on, and went out to do some rappelling. They were taking pictures along the way and at the end gave us a chance to buy them as a group (I think it cost us like $4/person – insanely cheap).

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Costa Rica

We had done mountain biking after the Cerro Chato hike day (see below), so we were ALL pretty dang sore. Thankfully they let us choose to do an easier mountain biking route. You are just CONSTANTLY surrounded by lush and beautiful scenery and cool birds. This was cool and included for free :)


Surfing In Costa Rica

I’m going to put on the quick disclaimer that I have NEVER surfed before. But I’m also going to put out there that I CAN’T WAIT TO GO AGAIN. It was surprisingly a lot easier than I expected it to be. We got two lessons that were both two hours long. There were 3 of us to an instructor. We started with some quick practice on the beach, and then were out in the water!

Can’t speak highly enough about the people that G Adventures works with. Both the CEOs and the instructors we worked with were beyond awesome. In all of my trips I haven’t met a bad one yet.

So heck, if you want to learn how to surf, no better place than beautiful COSTA RICA! Right!?

Cherro Chato Volcano Hike

Cerro Chato Hike Costa Rica

Holy balls.. this is not for the faint at heart. If it weren’t for hiking to base camp a few months prior, my legs WOULD NOT have been ready for this. 3-4 hours of straight up hill hiking (and for us, it was in the rain). Be prepared for a killer workout, dodging of barbed wire, and a climb down that is just as rough! (but that is what makes it fun, right!?)

At the top, you can opt to take an additional alternative route to the Blue Lagoon. Fair warning, if you found the hike up difficult – i’d skip this. Extremely steep downhill and uphill. Only 3 of us from the group opted to do it, but man.. was it worth it. We weren’t promised to see anything due to the fog, but as we jumped into the lagoon, the clouds cleared for us. It was like our special little secret experience :) If you’ve got the energy.. make the extra trip!

Cloud Forest Tour

Cloud Forest Costa Rica

Selfie Alert.. This was pretty relaxed. The cloud forest tour was a group activity, so everyone was together. An experienced guide walked us through the paths Selvatura Park in Monteverde teaching us interesting tidbits along the way – including leaves you can draw on by scratching them, poisonous berries, and unique bugs that blend into the environment to the untrained eye. Interesting, easy, relaxing :)

The selfie above was taken from a lookout tower you can climb up. Puts you above the tree line. If it’s not cloudy, you might be lucky enough to see something cool. Even if it’s cloudy (like it was for me) it still looks awesome.

The Hot Springs

Hot Springs In Costa Rica

Everyone paid extra to go to the hot springs together, but I think it was around $22. Cheap stuff. I was expecting to sit in a pool of rocks filled with water or something, but it was actually a bunch of pools! They even had two waterslides that were awesome (tried to get them on my GoPro, but it was too dark). They had a swim up bar and everything. This is a great time to get to know the people in your tour. Highly recommend.

Zip Lining & The Tarzan Swing

Zip Lining in Costa Rica
I have been zip lining a couple times before, but these were some of the LONGEST ziplines I have ever seen. You would literally be traveling for over a minute.. insane. You go super fast too! You even get to “Superman” it twice if you want to! (Superman is when you get hooked up face down and get to fly through the air with your arms and legs free like superman).

But it all leads up the final TARZAN SWING. This thing is a monster. I don’t recall how high it is, but you can see it in the video above. You walk up to an edge, get a rope attached to you, and just… jump off. I love adrenaline and this was frightening (but oh so totally worth it!). The video doesn’t even do the height justice. You just gotta see this sucker. (of course, you can opt out if it’s too much for you)

ATV Riding

ATV in Costa Rica

Looking back at it, this was probably the highlight of the trip for me. I had so much fun. We were in Monteverde and were actually ATVing through the forests that we ziplined over the day before! Pretty cool. This was an additional activity that I recall paying around $50 extra for. Be prepared for some fun if you decide to do this!

A Nod To The People

Costa Rica G Adventure Tour
Simply put.. this trip would not have been as amazing as it was if it weren’t for the people on it. Shared experiences with new friends that will be remembered for years and year and years.

More for my own use.. pictured above (left to right)..
Top row: Amanda, Elise, Aditi, Michelle, Peter, Iris, Gerri, Jodi, Scott, Kathy, Kristin, Delaina
Bottom row: Christine, Phylicia, Me, Juan Carlos (our CEO)

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