[Solution] My New HostGator Website Isn’t Showing Up

So you just purchased your domain and hosting through and are trying to set up your new website.  Maybe you uploaded a website you designed, or maybe you tried installing a popular platform like WordPress or phpBB.

But now when you visit your website, you see either a blank page or a landing page instead of your new site.

Does this sound like the problem you are experience?  Well I have the answer for you!

The technical answer is that your domain name is still propagating.

Here is what that means:

  • HostGator is still setting up your account so that your domain name and hosting work together
  • While you can upload files, install platforms (like wordpress), and all that jazz – it wont show up live when you visit your website until your domain and hosting account are linked

Here is how you fix it:

  • Option 1: Just be patient. It shouldn’t take too long for them to link together.  I have found my average wait time to be around 1-2 hours.  And once it happens, everything works perfect.
  • Option 2: If waiting isn’t an option, contact HostGator support to see if they can speed up the process for you.

So don’t worry yourself to death, it truly is as simple as that :)

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